Vanity fair of the cows

In the mountain areas of Switzerland there is a special celebration taking place in autumn. Every autumn the cows are brought down from the mountains for winter and the farmers really decorate the cows for the occasion. Different areas have this celebration in different times as the winter also arrives in different times, depending on the elevation level. Some villages have it in September, some in October.

I still hadn't visited Canton Jura and I had read about this special event. So I decided to go and check it out in a small village called Le Boéchet.

Live music

This event is all about celebrating the local farmers. There is a parade where farmers show off their old farming machinery, the kids walk with goats or baskets full of candies, you can buy and eat local produce, for example horse steak.

Future farmers?

If you are not a villager, then it's probably just half the fun as you don't know all those people participating in the parade. Also, after the parade is over, it's all about being together as a community. It's still interesting and fun to see and witness how traditional way of living is kept alive.

Kid in a pumpkin chair

Autumn in the region