Hiking along the Rhine

After visiting Augusta Raurica (see my previous post), I decided to walk along the Rhine to Basel. The official hiking trail is called Rhine path (Rheinpfad).

I started from Augst, right next to the huge hydroelectric power plant. There is a massive bridge crossing the river to Germany. I imagine that before Schengen it was restricted for use. Now you can bike or walk across it freely.

Massive bridge

Power plant and the bridge
The trail goes right next to the river and it's an easy flat walk with some occasional stairs. Along the route you can see numerous small fishing huts with fishing nets attached to them.

Fishing net

Fishing hut on German side

I really enjoyed the walk but only until the trail reached to the industrial port area (in Auhafen). From there on the trail continues between the highway and factories. There's a lot of noise and the relaxing feeling disappears quite quickly. So my advice would be to skip this last part of the trail.

Port area
I did walk to Basel and it took me in total about 2.5 hours. But I was also walking quite fast because I didn't want to miss the train I was planning to take. I can imagine that it is a nice hike also during the summer because most of the time you walk in the shade of the trees. In autumn the colors of the yellow leaves and their reflections on the river are also quite a sight.