Roman heritage in Switzerland

Switzerland was part of Roman empire for about 6 centuries. You can read more about it here. Probably the most famous Roman site in Switzerland is located in the neighboring villages Augst and Kaiseraugst. Roman name for the area was Augusta Raurica.

Model of Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica is on the border of two cantons - Aargau and Basel Land. Basel Land was in the list of the cantons I hadn't visited yet.

I took a train to Kaiseraugst and started by visiting the sites there. You can see the old castle wall, ruins of the baths and the early church and bishop's residence.


From Kaiseraugst I walked to Augst where the museum and the main site of Augusta Raurica is located. The museum is small but very well done. I really liked the angle how they approached the Roman life. The exhibition was about the life of the children, starting from pregnancy and ending with the end of the childhood. They also have a silver treasure on display that is said to be one of the biggest silver treasures from this time period in the world.

In the same house with the museum there is a reconstruction of the Roman house where you can get a sense of their everyday life.

Roman house reconstruction

Next to the museum is the most significant site - theater. During the summer they have performances there. I was visiting Augusta Raurica in November in the middle of the week so there weren't any special activities going on.


From theater I went to see the forum and the forum temple. There's actually not much to see there. You have to imagine how it looked like in the past.

Next to the forum is the building of Curia where you can see a small exhibition of mosaics.

Mosaics from the exhibition

I went to see the amphitheater as well, but as with forum, there's really not much to see. Next to the amphitheater are the ruins of a sanctuary.

Ruins of the sanctuary

It took me couple of hours to see it all. Of course it's not comparable to what you can see in Italy, but if you are in the area, it's definitely worth checking out. Probably even more in the summer, when they have all kind of activities going on there.

And here's the link to the official website: