Sarnen - a small capital of Obwalden

As mentioned in the last post - my Swiss Canton Challenge is coming to an end. After getting back down from Stanserhorn it only seemed logical to go and visit the neighboring canton Obwalden.

Nidwalden (where Stanserhorn is located) and Obwalden are both one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland by the population. I guess the main reason is the mountainous landscape and probably the closeness of Lucerne also contributes to it. Nidwalden has only about 40.000 people and Obwalden 37.000 people.

Beautiful woodwork
We went to see the capital of the canton - Sarnen. Capital sounds like something grand, but in reality Sarnen is really small town of 10.000 people. It has a lovely town square and nice old houses but you can walk through it relatively quickly. We went to see the canton museum (Obwalden History Museum). It is small and unfortunately all the information is in German only, so for me most of the exhibition was just a walk-through. My Swiss boyfriend found the exhibits and texts interesting and he explained me some of it. I would recommend going there only with someone who speaks German.

To summarize it all - I don't think you should pick Sarnen as your travel destination but it's a good starting point for hikes in the region. Lucerne is very close and easily reachable by train, it's also easy to get to Nidwalden and Bern cantons. Obwalden and Nidwalden along with three others were the founding cantons of Switzerland. So if you want to get a feel of Swiss history, then go and pay a visit.