Stanserhorn - a mountain for lazy hikers

My canton challenge is getting to an end. Last weekend I managed to cross off next two cantons which leaves me with only 2 remaining.

Meet Stanserhorn - a mountain in Nidwalden with incredible views when you are lucky with weather:

View from Stanserhorn

Panoramic restaurant on top
Why do I call it a mountain for lazy hikers? It's a perfect place to visit when you are not into hiking but want to enjoy incredible views. To get up to the mountain, you first take an old wooden train and then you switch to a modern cable car that has two floors - upper one with open deck and lower one with glass windows.

Cable car with open top
Once you're up, you can have a short round walk that takes about 30 minutes and you can enjoy the views towards every direction. If that is not enough, you can head to the restaurant and appreciate the panoramic view while enjoying some nice traditional food.

Walk around the top
As I already mentioned, you need to be lucky with the weather. In the morning when we arrived, we were able to enjoy incredible views but around noon the clouds started to gather and quite quickly the visibility became zero-visibility. It was just one white world. Compare the next photo to the first photo in this post and you can see the difference.

In the clouds
Information about how to get to Stanserhorn can be found here: