Art in Barcelona

Christmas decorations in Barcelona
If you are into art then it's a good idea to get Barcelona Art Passport. It's a combined ticket for 6 art museums in Barcelona. It's valid for a year and gives you one-time entrance to those 6 museums. As you already probably guess, we got this ticket.

The first museum where we went was Fundacio Antoni Tapies. I really liked the temporary photography exhibition there, the permanent collection (the works of Antoni Tapies) didn't impress me that much.

Christmas decorations in front of Fundacio Antoni Tapies
From there we headed to MACBA - Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona. There were several exhibitions there from which I liked the most Rosemarie Castoro's works. The building itself has several floors and it took us about an hour to go though it. We skipped one exhibition though - it was about one poet and all the texts were in Catalan so it remained quite incomprehensible to us.

Right next to MACBA is CCCB - The Center of Contemporary Culture. There's a view platform on top of this building but it's closed during the winter. The exhibition that was on during our visit was called "After the End of the World". This exhibition impressed us the most out of those 6 museums. Different artists were playing with the idea what will the future be like if the world goes through the crisis caused by the lack of resources. It really made us think about the choices we make in our everyday life.

Catalan National Art Museum
Another great museum we visited was Catalan National Art Museum. Even if you are not interested in arts you should still go to this area. The museum is located on top of the hill and the view down is amazing.

View from Catalan National Art Museum
Although the museum displays Catalan art and there are not that many world-known names there, it's curated exceptionally well. The museum is huge. We decided already in the beginning that we are not going to see it all - it would be overwhelming. Also the ticket that you get will be valid for 2 days. So if you want to see it all it's better to plan 2 days for it. We unfortunately went there on our last day in Barcelona...

Catalan National Art Museum

The permanent collection is a journey through the time and every room presents different subject matter with very well written background information. The temporary exhibition was really interesting as well. It was about destroyed art. Destroyed artworks were on display with the destruction stories, lot of them with political background.

Fundacio Joan Miro
Quite close to the Catalan National Art Museum is Joan Miro Foundation. The foundation has impressive collection of Miro's work - both paintings and sculptures. If you like Miro, this is a must-see.

The last museum in the list of 6 is Picasso Museum. Unfortunately I can't say I was impressed with it. The museum contains mostly his early works and sketches, the most interesting part were perhaps his ceramics. You don't find there any works that made Picasso famous.

Looking back, I think the Art Passport is still worth getting. I would have planned more time for Catalan National Art Museum. Picasso Museum is okay to visit once but I wouldn't go there again. Considering how many other museums and attractions are there in Barcelona, it's really hard to choose where to go. I don't think we had visited MACBA and CCCB without the Art Passport but I'm glad we did.