Paella Cooking Experience in Barcelona

The first time we joined a cooking class during the vacation was in Istanbul and so far it's remained the greatest experience. I can say that we are hooked now and we try to take a cooking class everywhere we travel. It's not just about the food. During the class you also learn about the culture and local life.

Ready for cooking
In Barcelona we decided to participate in paella cooking class held by Barcelona Travel Bar. We gathered at the bar and the group was about 12 people or so. First we went to the market to get the fresh seafood.

Seafood at the market
Unfortunately the visit to the market was short and we didn't get much explanation about different things on sale. From the market we headed to the kitchen. There was already sangria ready (but later we got instructions how to make it as well) and our chef quickly fried some octopus for tapas. Then we got some guidelines about tapas and had to make some for ourselves. After some tapas and sangria, the cooking experience began.

Cleaning the squid
First we were instructed how to clean and prepare different seafood for paella. Then we were divided into groups and every group had to handle one type of seafood.

Seafood ready for cooking
Once the seafood was ready, the cooking on a big paella pan began. I must say it's really hot to be next to this big pan and stir the seafood and veggies.

Adding the rice
As soon as the seafood and veggies were cooked enough, it was time to add the rice. After that the stirring was not allowed anymore and the paella was cooking on its own. While paella was cooking, we got instructions how to make sangria. And then the feast began. There was no risk of leaving hungry. I can really recommend this cooking class but I think it's better to take it during the low season. Our chef told us that during the summer the classes are really crowded. For us the group size was just right - everyone had a chance to participate. I think there will be some paella cooked in our household soon.