Tarragona - reminder of the ancient times

In the end of November we went for 4 days to Spain. Most of the time we were in Barcelona, but for one night we stayed in Tarragona. Tarragona caught my interest because it's very close to Barcelona, at the sea and has Roman ruins that are listed as Unesco World Heritage site.

Placa de la Font
There are 4 sites for which you can get a joint ticket and if you start in the morning, it's possible to visit them all in one day. We started our tour after lunch and finished the next morning.

Tunnels at the circus
We started from the circus. It doesn't look like much from the outside but it has long tunnels underneath. There's not much left of the circus itself so you just have to imagine how it used to be.

View from the circus
The views over the old town are quite spectacular from the circus. From the circus we headed to the old wall but since the cathedral was on a way, we decided to go and see that first.

Tarragona cathedral
Tarragona cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Catalonia. I must say it was the most impressive site in Tarragona and probably one of the most beautiful cathedrals I've ever visited. Especially the courtyard. The most amazing aspect was that we were almost the only ones there. It was quite unbelievable that such a place is not crowded with tourists. Maybe in summer it's different... I kept taking photographs so now comes a series of photos of the cathedral.

From the cathedral we headed to the Archaeological Promenade. It was created in 19th century along the old Roman city wall. Tarragona was hoping it to become the world's greatest archaeological promenade.

Old Roman tower at the promenade

It's a nice walk along the promenade and there are dozens of cats around. The last site we visited on the first day was the amphitheater. Pretty much all there is to see you can actually see standing outside.


The next morning we went to see the forum. It looks like it's squeezed between the newer houses. Surrounding houses have been built as close as possible to the forum. There's not much left of it but you get a feel of the grandiosity.

In general Tarragona left me with mixed feelings. There are all these amazing sites, but almost no tourists around. The old town itself has some really nice streets and squares but then you go to the side street and it looks completely abandoned. The whole city felt very non-touristic, restaurants and cafes were filled with locals, not souvenir shops in sight. I think it's a nice place to visit for a day or two and then you manage to see pretty much everything there is to see.