Swiss Canton Challenge completed - snowshoe hike in Uri at Christmas

I still had one canton to visit to complete my Swiss Canton Challenge 2017 - Uri. So we decided to have a bit more active Christmas and headed there for a snowshoe hike. The original plan was to go and hike around Arnisee, but somehow I managed to mix up the name of the place where to take the cable car and we ended up in Brüsti instead.

It was a magical day. Down in the valley it was full overcast and it was hard to believe that up in the mountains there is sun. As we got higher with the cable car it looked really magical. At one point the first sun rays started to come through the thick clouds and then we were suddenly in the brightest sunshine. The valley was not visible at all - civilization was somewhere under the sea of clouds.

The hike itself is quite easy. There are some descents and ascents but the elevation differences are not that big. We had lunch up at the restaurant and then did one more round in the opposite direction. If you want to get your first snowshoe experience then this is pretty good trail for starting. You need to bring your own showshoes though - there are no rentals there.