Springtime in Como, Italy

Easter in Switzerland is a 4-day weekend and lots of people use it to go somewhere. The most popular destination is Italy and this results in huge traffic jams on the highways going to the South. Despite that we still decided to go but instead of Friday, we went on Saturday morning. We didn't escape from the traffic jams completely but it was not that bad.

We spent 2 nights in Como and even though Saturday was rainy, Como was still lovely. As we didn't want to walk too much outside with the rain, we decided to visit museums - Civic museum and art museum called Pinacoteca Civica.

Ceiling at the Civic museum
Civic museum is basically an archaeology museum where different time periods are displayed in the different rooms. The most interesting exhibit for me was an Egyptian mummy with toes exposed to the visitors. There were also mummies of baby crocodile and a hawk.

Christmas crib at the Civic Museum
In general though I wasn't very impressed with the museum. They have really interesting items in their collection but the way how the artifacts are displayed is really out-dated, plus all the information was in Italian only. The museum is located in a villa and the building itself is very nice but some rooms are in a desperate need of renovation.

Another ceiling at the Civic Museum
The art museum has works from the middle ages to modern times. Art museum was actually a nice visit. It's not very big but not too small either. You don't need more than an hour but it's nicely spent hour.

Como Cathedral in the rain

For dinner we went to a restaurant recommended by my Italian colleague - Crotto del Sergente. It's a bit outside and you really need to know this place exists because it's a bit away from the main road. It was the best meal we had during the whole trip. The atmosphere, service, food and local wine where just perfect. We made a reservation beforehand and it was good we did it, the place got quite busy. Highly recommended.

Sunday we spent by exploring the neighboring towns and I will write a separate post about that.

On Monday we started our trip back to Switzerland around 3 pm and therefore decided to stay in Como. Especially because on Saturday we didn't walk around that much in the rain.

Como Cathedral

First, we went to walk along the lake the Kilometer of Knowledge. It is a really nice walk that passes by several villas and you can enjoy the view of the mountains and the lake.

Kilometer of Knowledge
After that we went to see the cathedral. There was a service going on at the same time and tourists were allowed only to a limited area. The cathedral is really beautiful and has kind of a mystical atmosphere.

It was a wonderful warm spring weekend in a beautiful environment. I believe it will not be our last time in that area.

Facades of Como
Streets of Como