Hiking in Dallenwil

Last week I had some friends from Estonia visiting me and of course they wanted to see the mountains. We had to go anyway to Stans so therefore it was convenient to go up to the mountains there.

View in the beginning of the hike
Estonia is a flat country and Estonians in general are not used to the hilly terrains. Therefore I decided to pick a moderately demanding trail. We went up from Dallenwil to Wirzweli and hiked from Wirzweli to Gummenalp and then from there back to Wirzweli along the Witches Trail.

Spring flowers in bloom
The hike offers beautiful views and the landscape varies - you walk through the meadows and also the forest. There are several restaurants on the route and it's especially fun with the kids because of the Witch Trail.

Dandelion fields and snowy mountains
So what is this Witch Trail? There is a section on the route that goes through the woods and is decorated with huge spiders, magical equipment that every witch needs, brooms and you can even spot a home of the elf. You enter and exit this section through the gates and at both gate there are loudspeakers through which the witch is greeting you. Understandably there are lot of families with children on this part of the trail :)
Elf's home
Overall this whole round took us about three hours but we also stopped for a lunch and took our time to enjoy the views and take photos. The loop is hard only in the beginning because you need to get most of the elevation then. Later it will be quite flat and in the end descending. It's a nice little hike and when you get back to Wirzweli, go to the small dairy farm - they sell very delicious cheese and yogurt there!

Mandatory alpine hut photo