Wildegg castle - a gem in canton Aargau

We recently got ourselves e-bikes and of course we needed to take the bikes on a tour :)

We live in canton Zürich but not far from canton Aargau. Aargau is relatively flat (in Swiss terms) but has lots of history. As it's conveniently close by, that's where we headed. We actually did not plan to visit Wildegg castle but we just happened to pass by it and then decided to go and have a look.

Wildegg castle from the distance
It turned out to be quite a gem. Wildegg castle is one of the few castles in Switzerland that still has original furniture, tableware, textiles. The whole exhibition is very well done - there are screens with actors playing the former residents of the castle, English and French subtitles are available.

Interior of the castle
You can get quite good overview of who used to live there and which activities kept them occupied. The castle doesn't look that big but once you're inside it feels much bigger than expected. The whole castle also feels weirdly more cozy than the other castles I've visited. I wonder if it's because of the original furniture and textiles...

Around the castle there are also small gardens on the hillside. In the beginning of May (when we visited) the planting hadn't finished yet so there were some areas in the garden that were still empty. I think in summer this garden will be quite spectacular.

Part of the garden
If you are interested in castles and happen to pass by this castle, go and have a look. You will not regret it.

Website: Wildegg Castle