Biking and hiking in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Wutach gorge (Wutachschlucht)
Two weeks ago we decided to have a mini vacation weekend and go to Germany. Black Forest is right across the border and the area is known for hiking opportunities. As you might know we got ourselves e-bikes this spring and this was a good opportunity to put our bikes on a test. The biggest problem with e-bikes is that they have a limited range and then you need to recharge them. Being new to biking trips with e-bikes we were not sure how easy it is to find places where we could recharge. Therefore to be on the safe side and save some kilometers on Saturday morning we first took a train to Schaffhausen and started to bike from there. As all the things were packed away to the bike bag I don't have any photos from the biking itself.

The biking route from Scahffhausen to Germany is constantly going uphill and there were challenging parts even with e-bikes. I honestly can't imagine myself doing it with the normal bike.
Our first stop was at Achdorf where we had lunch at a lovely restaurant called Scheffellinde. It has a nice terrace and the food was really good. Plus, they had an e-bike charging station where we just in case charged our batteries while having lunch. After all this uphill biking we didn't want to risk with running out of battery before getting to our hotel. After lunch we continued to our hiking destination - Wutach gorge (Wutachschlucht).

Wutach gorge is quite impressive river gorge and it's a nice hike to do even with the hot weather because most of the time you can walk in the shade. We started our hike from Wutachmühle (Wutach mill) and ended at Lotenbachklamm. The total distance of the hike is about 12.5 km and it requires quite a lot of going up and down. Occasionally you will be up on the cliffs and occasionally you walk along the river.

View down to the river
There are also sections where you just walk in the forest with not much views. And then if you think that you have already seen the most interesting parts of the hike, you arrive to the small waterfalls.

I wouldn't classify this hike as one of the hikes you should do in your life, but if you are in the area, it is definitely worth it. There is also a special bus for hikers (Wanderbus) that takes people from one end of the hike to another. So you can get back to your car or bikes in our case. The hike has also a website but it's entirely in German.

After the hike we biked to our hotel in a small village called Fürstenberg. If you happen to be in the area - check out the restaurant of the hotel where we stayed. It's called Zum Rössle and we liked our dinner so much that on Sunday on our way back we stopped there again to have lunch.

Lovely houses of Donaueschigen

On Sunday we went to see a small town Donaueschingen where river Danube gets it's beginning (or at least so they claim). It's a lovely small town with some impressive buildings. We visited the local modern art museum Art.Plus and I can really recommend this small museum. The exhibitions we saw were really well curated and the building itself is nice as well.

The source of Danube
I think in total we spent in Donaueschingen couple of hours and with this time you can really see most of it. We didn't go into the palace. So if you are interested in palaces, you should plan more time for this town.

Musical fountain
As I already said, we headed back to our hotel to have lunch and then it was time to start biking back home. We again biked to Schaffhausen and took a train from there to get close to where we live. The way back went much faster than we expected because it was mainly downhill. Only then we realized how much uphill we had actually biked the previous day. I don't think it will be the last time when we are going to Germany with our e-bikes. The bike route network in Germany was really good and very well marked. In Schwarzwald region you just have to be ready for a hilly landscape. We were also pleasantly surprised that it was very easy to find charging places for our bikes. It's obviously becoming a new trend to go around with e-bikes and the hotels and restaurants are adjusting to it.