Discovering the other mountain range in Switzerland - Jura

If you think about Switzerland then mountains are definitely one of the first things that come into your mind. And mountains = the Alps. Actually there is another mountain range in Switzerland - Jura. Jura is much older and also much lower and hiking in Jura is completely different experience than hiking in the Alps.

I live in a village that is on the foot of Jura and about 4 km from where I live begins one of the nine Swiss national hiking routes - Jura Crest Trail. The first section of it I've walked quite a few times already but I've been curious about the other sections as well. So I decided to go and check out the section that starts near Olten.

Starting point of my hike
I took a train to Olten and from there a bus to Hauenstein where I got off at the bus stop Löwen. And right next to the bus stop you can see the signs with number 5 - the number of this national hiking route.

The destination peak - Belchenflue
Most of the time I walked in the forest with occasional views to the surroundings. It should be said from the beginning that I didn't plan to do the whole stage 4. I planned to take the highest point of this stage and then start walking to a point where I could take a train or bus to get back home.

Forest trail
On the way you can see a lot of painted symbols of different troops from the First World War who were guarding the border there.

Troops from Bern

Troops from Ticino
When I got to the top the views were amazing. Unfortunately the visibility was not the best and I could only slightly see the contours of the Alps. Bechenflue itself is 1098 m over the sea level. So compared to my starting elevation I gained more than 400 meters.

Almost on the top of Belchenflue
View from the top towards Aargau canton

View from the top towards cantons Solothurn and Basel Land
From Belchenflue I continued for a little while along the route number 5 but then took a turn towards Hägendorf to take a train from there.

Views when descending
Before getting to Hägendorf I went along Teufel gorge. It's a small gorge but still quite impressive. I can imagine that during spring with all the melting snow it must be quite spectacular.

I plan to continue exploring Jura mountain range. It's probably too much for this year, but I'd like to walk through all the stages of Jura Crest Trail. So this means that I have to return and resume the hike from Hägendorf.