Hiking along the Swiss Path from Brunnen to Sisikon

I had some friends visiting me and of course seeing the mountains is a must. Another must is swimming in Swiss lakes. So I decided to combine these two and took my friends hike a small part of the Swiss Path. It starts from Rütli - a place where Switzerland was born and goes along the lake Lucerne to Brunnen. The whole path is divided into sections of all the cantons in Switzerland. The length of each section corresponds to the size of the canton.

View to Brunnen
We started from the end and hiked until Sisikon. There's quite a descent until Tannen. Fortunately most of it in the shade of the trees. After Tannen it goes again down quite steeply. It's a beautiful hike, offering nice views to the lake and to the snowy mountains. You can see Rütli across the lake, buy some plums (if it's season) from the small farms on the route. In Tannen there was also a small self-service farm shop. There are also several old chapels on the way.

The best part was to dip into the lake when we finally reached to Sisikon. There is a small swimming area close to the boat harbour. The lake is very deep - you can only make couple of steps and then you can't reach the bottom any more.

If you plan to do this hike, I think it's a good idea to start from Brunnen, especially if the weather is hot. We really were thankful in the summer heat to be able to gain the elevation in the shade. The way down from Tannen to Sisikon was in full sun.