Brú na Bóinne - a Stone Age miracle


Brú na Bóinne is an area at River Boyne that contains some of the world's most important prehistoric monuments. The main attractions are huge tombs that are about 5000 years old (about 1000 years older than Stonehenge) - Newgrange and Knowth. You can access these sites only with a guided tour and the spaces are limited. If you plan to go there, book your tickets long in advance.

Smaller tombs at Knowth

We realized too late that we should book the tickets and by that time everything was sold out already. The only way how to visit the sites without prebooked tickets is to get to the visitor center in the morning before it opens and then it's first come first serve. With public transport this is mission impossible. There are only couple of buses per day and the first bus gets there after 11 am which is too late to get the tickets. We spent a night in Drogheda - a small town 8 km away from Bru na Boinne. Our plan was to take a taxi, but our airbnb host was so nice that she dropped us off before work. So we were at the gates already an hour before the visitor center opened and we were the first in line. People queued up quite quickly. By the time the visitor center opened there were around 30 people in the line already. As we were the first in line, we were able to get the tickets for both - Newgrange and Knowth. It is totally worth to visit both!

The tombs themselves are larger than I expected but I didn't expect to see that much prehistoric art there. All boulders have different carvings on them. Our guide told us that about 30% European megalithic art is in this area. Some examples here:

I'm actually astonished that this site is not as famous as Stonehenge. Everyone has heard about Stonehenge, hardly anyone non-Irish has heard about this. If you go to Ireland, it is a definite must-see.

Around Newgrange