Autumn colors in Jura mountains

It's the time of autumn colors in Switzerland. The weather is still quite warm and there hasn't been any rain for weeks already. So the conditions for hiking are perfect.

I live on the foot of the Jura mountain range. Normally people associate only Alps with Switzerland and Jura mountains are not much of a tourist destination. The Alps are of course more impressive but Jura has its charm as well. You can't see such limestone cliffs in the Alps for example. And in autumn the colors are just wonderful.

I've decided to go and discover Jura following the Jura Crest Trail. I haven't set myself any time boundaries. The goal is just to have it done eventually. You can read about the section I did in summer here.

Start of the hike
This time I started from Egerkingen from where I followed the route to Blüemlismatt. The route is just continuously going up - first between the oak trees and as you get higher the oak trees get replaced by beech trees.

Once I reached to Blüemlismatt, I saw the sign posts of Jura Crest trail. I must say that the signposting wasn't the best everywhere. There were couple of occasions when I had to check the map to figure out where to go.

Donkeys at Blüemlismatt
Once you have reached Blüemlismatt, the hike is quite flat. You can enjoy the meadows and also the forest paths.

There is one more section where the path ascends to Roggenflue. It's quite scenic if you occasionally step away from the path to see the cliff views.

Going up to Roggenflue
Limestone cliffs
Trees growing vertically

Forest path on a way to the view platform
After the ascent the path continues flat for quite some time through the forest and you start doubting if you are going in the right direction. Finally you reach to the view platform.

View from Roggenflue
Unfortunately the air was very hazy and there wasn't much visibility I even didn't see clearly the nearest mountain tops. But it was nice nevertheless.

After conquering Roggenflue, I started to descend towards Oensingen. The path is quite steep and with loose gravel, so you need to step quite carefully. Also the fallen leaves do not help :)

View on the way down
View back towards Roggenflue

Right before reaching to Oensingen there is a castle Neu Bechburg. Unfortunately it's not open to the public, but it looks quite impressive.

In total I spent about 5 hours hiking, including a lunch stop at one of the mountain restaurants on the way. It's definitely a scenic hike, especially with the autumn colors.