Ghana: Volta region

Volta is a big lake in the eastern part of Ghana, fed by two rivers - Black Volta and White Volta. The lake itself is really long and narrow. There is a ferry service going from one end to the other, but we didn't use that. Instead we went to see two waterfalls on the East side of the lake - Wli and Tagbo.

On a way to Wli Waterfall
The waterfalls were definitely worth visiting and swimming in them was one of the most memorable experience of our trip. Be aware though that the roads in this region are really bad. I would not attempt to go there without a 4-wheel drive. Also, when it rains those small roads can become unusable. We spent a night near Tagbo falls and there was a heavy rain with strong winds during the night. In the morning our guide was a bit worried if we get out of there. Fortunately, we were able to leave. There had been some trees falling down, but village people had already cleared the roads.

Wli Waterfall
To get to the waterfalls you need to walk about 45 minutes through some farms and rain forest. Already the walk is spectacular - you can get to know a lot of different edible plants and fruit trees that the locals grow and see colorful blossoms.

Cocoa beans
Wli waterfall is more popular among the tourists and there were quite a few in addition to us. Tagbo falls is harder to reach and therefore also less visited. At Tagbo there were only 3 local boys in addition to us who were swimming, drinking Coke and singing.

Swiss tourist and local boys at Tagbo fall
The lushness of the nature is amazing in this area and at Wli you can see a huge colony of bats living right next to the waterfall. The water is actually colder than you would expect, but it's a nice refreshment after the walk.

Bats at Wli
There's more to explore in that region - for example the highest hills of Ghana are right there. Unfortunately our schedule was quite packed and we could stay only one night there. But I'd recommend to spend 2 nights in the area and do some hiking as well.